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Mobile Legal Clinic


The goal of the Milwaukee Justice Center Mobile Legal Clinic (a project of Marquette University Law School and the Milwaukee Bar Association) is to bring services provided by the Milwaukee Justice Center out to isolated neighborhoods where it is difficult for those residents to reach free legal assistance.

Working with the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic, the Mobile Legal Clinic offers free, brief legal advice on most civil matters, including family law, landlord-tenant issues, small claims, large claims, and credit-consumer issues.  The clinic does not provide ongoing representation, but can offer information on how to retain an attorney if needed.

Sit down with a volunteer attorney, completely free of cost, to discuss your legal situation and the options that are available to you.

The majority of our volunteer attorneys are currently practicing at notable law firms across the city.

We have law students on site that have been trained to successfully fill out all of the family law forms that are currently processed at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. If you require assistance filling out such forms, we can help!

If we think a client might be better served by a an outside resource, we'll try our best to refer them. We have an extensive list of different legal aid resources, many of which will offer some form of representation for little to no cost.

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