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To the Milwaukee Bar Association Foundation:

Some people make choices that save lives. You are those people.


Earlier this year, your gift allowed Sojourner to provide critical services to those impacted by domestic violence. This gift was especially important this year given the rise in domestic violence. In 2020, Milwaukee lost 50 lives to domestic violence. This year, we have already lost 19 lives.

With your generous support*:

  • 1,476 clients have been referred to Sojourner by our partnership with Milwaukee Police Department. Our Community Domestic Abuse Advocate Program has completed 2,038 contacts with these women, men and children.

  • Our Children’s Program Advoactes have supported 47 children impacted by domestic violence.

  • 172 survivors of domestic violence have continued on their healing journey through Hope & Healing programming.

  • We have answered 3,916 calls to our emergency hotline and sheltered 196 women, men and children fleeing violence in our crisis shelter.

  • Sojourner has supported 1,082 people in obtaining restraining orders.


We are so grateful to the Milwaukee Bar Association for their continued generosity. Unfortunately, the need for services continues to rise. Sojourner continues to show survivors that hope and healing is out there, but our services can only extend as far as funding allows. Every dollar is crucial in providing that hope and healing. Thank you.

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