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To the Milwaukee Bar Association Foundation:

We are happy to report that, despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have been able to provide 342 consultations this year through the end of May. For reference, we provided 739 consultations in 2020 and 792 in 2019. We approximate that the MBA Foundation's generous grant of $4000 covered approximately one month of expenses for this year's program and therefore allowed us to provide approximately 68 consultations.


Your support enabled us to meet a deep need for services from the local community and is greatly appreciated. We have seen significant demand for brief legal advice, likely precipitated by the pandemic. For example, in July and September 2020, we provided 90 and 92 consultations, respectively. These are record monthly highs that we haven't seen since March 2017, and since May 2012 before that.


Thank you again for your support of our vital mission.

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